激しい3P 長澤りか

Kiw's tiny pussy filled with sperm


2018-06-05 08:00:00

Fan favorite Kiw is back for another creampie. This shoot was a little more up close and personal as I explore Kiw's amazing body. I spread apart her pussy and let the camera peer into her wet cunt while my cock grows and pushes against my trousers. When Kiw releases it, she takes it right into her mouth and gives a proper BJ. She's been here before so her inhibitions are no longer holding her back. She slobs my cob while I finger fuck her hairless pussy. When I mount her for the last time, I zoom the camera in nice and close so you can see my hard cock pound her perfect cunt while my balls slap against her ass. I finally let out a groan and exploded my seed into the depths of Kiw's lovely pussy. That's two sperm creampies for Ms. Kiw. Next time I'm getting in her ass.

激しい3P 長澤りか


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